Viet Spring

Our company

Many years since our establishment Viet Spring has had among its’ customers a reputation for solving challenging labelling issues. These challenges have included positioning, orientation, product attractiveness, product visibility and, most importantly, purchaser attention attraction in cluttered shelf spaces.

You, our customer, will stand out from your competitors by having more customer appeal, and getting your message across with Viet Spring labels.

Not only outer performance, we have also focused on the products’ quality and durability. We apply Japanese and European technology into manufacturing labels from different materials, from PE, PP, PET and metalized surfaces, to your specific requirements to build your sales and profits.

Viet Spring also ensures our products meet global and local government and industry standards, such as ISO, HACCP. You will not be confronted by costly modifications and possible removal by the use of substandard materials and processes in any market. Client from a broad range of industries exporting and supplying locally attest to our skills, Cholimex, Perfetti, Van Melle, LG Vina Cosmetics, etc are a few examples of our satisfied customers.

We want you to experience a hassle-free relationship with exceptional business performance from our products. Thank you for ringing us now on +84 28 38613873 or requesting a free consultation with our experts through vietspring.corp@gmail.com

Vision – Mission – Value

Our vision is becoming the local leader in label industry to support our clients to be the number one sales and profit performer in their categories.

Our mission is to create long term satisfied clients by producing to agreed specifications within specific time limits.

We value you- our customers! We exist to serve you! You can count us  by finding, hiring and training the best staffs and give them in an environment with the latest technology to deliver the highest global quality. You can rely on our service and product performance.